‘Robinhood’​ should rebrand as ‘Sheriff of Nottingham’​

Okay, there is obviously no official rebranding, but it’s a proposed name change that some of it’s customers and competitors may regard as more appropriate for the over-hyped FinTech unicorn. ‘Robbing Hoodlums’ is another suggestion doing the rounds.

As you know, Robin Hood is a heroic character from English folklore who, with his band of merry men, stole from the rich to give to the poor. …


The 4th annual RegTech100 list reveals the world’s most innovative RegTech companies that every financial institution should know about in 2021.

As the need to address the mission-critical challenges of meeting regulatory demands becomes even more pressing, RegTech companies are innovating at rapid pace to provide new and more effective solutions.

The prestigious RegTech100 list awards much-deserved recognition to the companies that are developing new solutions that address key problems across the compliance value chain. In addition, many are already establishing strong credentials by selling to, or partnering with, major financial institutions, or raising investment capital from leading venture and corporate investors.

The RegTech industry has scaled dramatically in recent years. Over $20bn has been invested in third-party RegTech companies since…

Investments levels in CyberTech companies held up despite — or maybe even because of — the pandemic

According to our research at RegTech Analyst and FinTech Global, investors continued to commit to CyberTech companies despite the restrictions on business activities caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed the ever-escalating levels of cyber threats, which have been further compounded by the dramatic increase in home working and the surge in online transactions, appear to have sharpened the appetite of investors for new CyberTech innovators.

Global CyberTech investments almost kept pace with the record level seen in 2019

An analysis of investments in third-party CyberTech companies that address threats faced by the financial services industry shows that $2.2bn was committed to 111 deals in H1 2020. That’s not far from equalling half the…

Investments in WealthTech companies have rebounded to the highest level for a year.

Original Photo: Kittipong Jirasukhanont

Whilst economists and politicians hope for a V-shaped recovery in the overall economy after COVID-19, the WealthTech industry already appears to be bouncing back as wealth management firms and private and retail banks look to get back on track with their digital transformation imperatives.

Technology is changing the insurance industry. In many cases, women are leading the charge.

InsurTech is on the rise. The sector has raised over $2.7bn in investment in Europe alone since 2014. In many places, women are leading the industry’s transformation.

Here are 17 of the most influential women that you should know about that are changing insurance by leveraging new innovations (listed in alphabetical order).

Amanda Brock, CEO, OpenUK

According to Cybercrime Magazine, the proportion of women in the cyber security industry has risen in recent years and is approaching 20%. Whilst this figure is far short of the 50% target it needs to reach, it’s encouraging that the number is increasing and it’s significantly better than the figures for the investment industry or other tech sectors.

As part of the extensive cyber security research we have undertaken at FinTech Global on behalf of our global network of financial institutions, we can see that numerous women leaders are responsible for shaping the future of the information security industry, driving…

FinTechs in Germany raised nearly as much capital in Q1 2019 as they did in the whole of last year, according to research from FinTech Global

Germany’s FinTech sector is attracting ever more investment capital as the country takes another step forward in its ambition to build a world-leading FinTech ecosystem. Investments in German FinTech companies reached $793m in the first three months of 2019, equivalent to 96% of last year’s total.

Exits in the cybersecurity space, including acquisitions and IPOs, increased by an astonishing 15x from 2014 to 2018, according to research from FinTech Global.

The research covered companies that offer cybersecurity solutions which can be used by financial institutions. The surge of activity in this sector shouldn’t be too surprising given the staggering growth of financial crime and the rapidly developing consensus that cyber threats constitute the biggest challenge facing the global financial services industry.

Investors have committed $6bn to Challenger Banks since the beginning of 2014, according to research from FinTech Global

Helping customers manage their wealth has become a major target area for FinTech disrupters. For decades, complacency and neglect have been the main elements of the modus operandi for many banking providers. This, along with the antiquated approaches of many wealth and asset managers, has invited innovators to create better versions of wealth/asset management, private banking and digital banking products and services.

It comes as no surprise, then, that the latest figures on investment in the WealthTech sector continue to show sustained growth. In particular, it’s interesting to see the huge growth in investment in the challenger bank category, which…

We reviewed the roles of 240 senior insurance industry executives to find out who is taking charge

The leader of every insurance company knows their organization needs to re-invent itself in order to thrive — or even just survive — in a new era of digital innovation, but it’s not immediately obvious who should drive the necessary transformation.

Given that the need to address the impact of technology on traditional insurance business models is mission-critical, the obvious candidate is the CEO himself or herself. For some organizations this is indeed the case. …

Richard Sachar

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